Our Coffee

It takes about two hours to drive from San Antonio de La Cuesta to our coffee farm, La Mora. The rustic road twists into the Comayagua Mountains through streams and around hairpin turns, across narrow bridges, through thickly fragrant tropical montane forests and small peaceful villages. La Mora rests quietly at an elevation between 1500 and 1700 meters above sea level. It is here that we grow our coffee under a diverse canopy of shade trees without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. As the coffee ripens, it is harvested by hand, peeled and spread out on concrete patios to dry naturally in the sun. When the drying process is complete, a second peeling is necessary to remove a thin yellowish layer known as parchment. The green beans are then carefully sorted to remove imperfections. Once these crucial processes have been completed, the coffee qualifies to be called El Tucan Estate Coffee.

We also purchase select coffees from neighbors, family and friends. All of the coffees must meet our standards for quality and sustainability before we allow them to be called El Tucan Estate Coffee.

The coffees must be:
Grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

Estate Coffee:
True estate coffees come from one farm. They are never mixed together, so that each one maintains its unique flavor characteristics.

Shade Grown:
Care is taken to preserve as many trees as possible and to plant new trees where possible for the care of the environment, wildlife and for food supply.

Sustainability, for us, has three parts. They are ecological, social and economic. Ecologically speaking, coffee is a perfect crop because it is a shade-loving shrub that lives in the lower strata of the forest ecosystem. It coexists with a variety of species that contribute to the bio-diversity of the farm, such as tree ferns, a whole host of tropical flowers, migratory birds, small animals and large tree species. Oranges and other citrus, bananas and plantains, avocados and many others are part of the food items supplied by the farm. The farm also supplies natural items for making life a little easier in the mountains of Honduras with basket making materials, firewood, fresh water and other household items. Our social concerns include economics. The workers we employ are provided with a house to live in, a living wage, bonuses, food, transportation and land to grow other food items. We also purchase select coffees at fair trade prices from neighbors, family and friends which encourages them to continue producing a quality product with sustainability in mind.

Strictly High Grown:
The higher the better. Coffees grown at 1100 meters above sea level and higher are considered Strictly High Grown in Honduras. The slower growth at the higher elevations produces slower ripening process which in turn produces a sweeter coffee bean. Our El Tucan Estate Coffees are always grown at elevations of 1300 meters or more.

Sun Dried:
Many coffees are machine dried. We believe that drying the coffee naturally in the sun on cement patios enhances the flavor and is much better for the environment.

Many coffees are sold to exporters. The exporters mix the coffees and sell to coffee brokers. The coffee brokers sell to coffee roasters. Finally, the coffee ends up in coffee shops and stores. Quality control suffers in this process. With Honduras Coffee Company, the coffee is “farmer direct”. From seed to cup, quality is maintained through the entire process. In addition to all of this, it just tastes great! Honduras Coffee Company is dedicated to providing you with the “best coffee this side of the equator”.

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